The gear

Before taking off, I had to make some hard decisions what to take on a long journey. As a purist, I was sure I wanted to stick with my modular system and accordion, so any virtual instruments were out of the question.

Now this might get a bit nerdy and complicated.

I got two 4MS-pods, giving me 72hp of space, and filled them up with the most essential modules for the sound I had in mind. Let the fun begin:
Pod 1: passive mult – Xaox Zadar – Qubit Nebulae
Pod 2: Disting mk4 – NE Loquelic Iteritas – Peaks – Takaab 2 lpg – ES Black DSP

No in field recordings without a Field Kit. Mixing, recording, radio noise, clock signals, saturating, tone control, you name it…

What is more beautiful than the warm, detuned and broken sound of tape loops?

Music needs soul and life. The accordion might be a burden to carry, but it’s worth every single kilogram.