Welcome, I am 000.
Follow me and my instruments on a long journey.
Using modular synthesizers, a tape recorder and an accordion, I’m making different in field recordings, that will eventually lead to a unique album.

Below, you find all the chapters of the journey, accompanied by music tracks or video’s.
For all movies, check out my Youtube channel, or follow me on Instagram.
If you want to support me, you can download my music on Bandcamp.

Don’t hesitate to leave a message at the bottom of the page.
Enjoy the music.

Chapter IV: Singapore

track 9 – Crystal skyline

I arrived in Singapore. I ran a 2.5 meter tape loop at the bay and played a duet between the tape recorder and the accordion. In the background the iron skyscrapers.

Chapter III: Myanmar

track 7 – Iron tracks

A deserted train, stranded in the heart of Yangon

track 6 – Yangon alley

After I arrived in Yangon, I installed a tape loop and my modulars in a small street.

track 5 – City streets of Mandalay

Meditations with accordion and tape loop on a rooftop in Mandalay


track 4 – Himalayan bliss

High up in the Nepali mountains. Silence, ices, rivers, no smells, just a few colors. The lack of oxygen caused dizziness and hallucinations.

track 3 – The devastating tragedy of the Langtang valley

When the earthquake of 2015 took place, the Langtang valley was hit hardest. It took an eternity until the first helicopters came. Complete villages where destroyed, everybody lost their family. But the people were strong and rebuilt everything. A good time to question how relevant the problems in your own life really are.


track 2 – Desolated places after dark

During a nightly bus right in the mountains of North-Eastern India, I recorded what I saw from the front window. The roads were so bad, that I couldn’t hold any musical equipment. So after I arrived in a small hostel, I immediately started recording. You hear accordion tape loops, piano tape loops, radio noises and more.

track 1 – The night train to Bangalore

The night train to Bangalore was crowded. The noises, the heat, the smells, even the darkness kept me awake. It was claustrophobic and obscure, and in a way there was a remarkable kind of paralysis in it. Maybe this was the perfect example of Baudelair’s Spleen et Ideal.
IMG_0501 kopie

Chapter 0: Netherlands

track 0 – Testing the travel setup

After lots of considerations, I decided to make this my final setup, together with my accordion. Just a 15 minute jam before take off…

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